can serve any Fortune 500 Mega Corporation or an individuals need to secure the “Perfect Vacation” for their family.
Our clients can convert their travel related costs into life long equity in several forms of real estate that is delivered in a simple debit card format.  Both corporation and individuals can now provide and receive “Guaranteed Rewards and Incentive Based Points Programs” annually for life. 

Our unique ability is in “How We Solve” all of our Private Members Dream Vacations, Travel and Destination desired Locations.  We have nearly a quarter of a century in this industry and have assisted thousands of clients, save Millions of Dollars.
In Fact, our members get to keep their Money annually for life!

We have seasoned relationships with the worlds most successful vacation giants like Wyndham Worldwide, Marriott Vacations, Starwood Resorts and Spas, and many others.
  • You can now benefit with Dream Vacation Suites as your corporate and individual Rewards Center.

  • Services include: 3,4,5, 
             Suite style accommodations that cost $300
             to over $1,000 per night for less then                                                                                               the cost of a $70.00 room at the Motel 6.

  • Fly for Free Anywhere

  • Cruise Worldwide

  • Auto Rentals
Save Money, Time, Hassles and Enjoy Forever!

All these and more simply use your new debit card that Recharges itself annually for life!

A Mentor Services Unlimited, LLC.,Company